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An Inspirational Journey

“Real Leaders, Real Conversations” is delivered by An Inspirational Journey - Supporting organisations to deliver better balanced business throughout the talent pipeline.

Founded by Chair, Heather Jackson, An Inspirational Journey works to address the imbalance of talent that exists at the top of corporate Britain.

It is the only business-led solution seeking to ensure better balanced and more diverse management and executive teams. Delivered as a collaborative series of programmes and activities, this includes The Balanced Business Forum (Formally The Women’s Business Forum), The Pearls Programme, The Two Percent Club, Ach-Eve and AIJ.TV.

Through these programmes and activities, the organisation works hand-in-hand with business leaders and employees to ensure that talent at middle management through to the executive can be allowed to grow, develop and overcome the obstacles which prevent women in particular, from reaching their potential at senior management level.

An Inspirational Journey works in partnership with RBS and has a client base of more than 50 global companies, representing 22 sectors of business, with EY, Arriva, L'Oreal, Centrica, DHL, BBC News, NHS and BP amongst them, representing more than 5,000 women.

For more information about An Inspirational Journey visit the website here.