Authentic leaders talking openly about themselves and their journey so far

Real leaders, real conversations....

Invest 10 minutes of your time a week, to hear a lifetime of experience.

AIJ.TV delivers a platform to promote authenticity of leadership, providing the next generation of current and aspiring business leaders’ exclusive content from some of today’s most influential and inspiring leaders.

“Real Leaders, Real Conversations” uniquely brings together an enlightening series of ten minute interviews, streamed online, with successful men and women who firmly believe in the responsibility of high profile leaders being more visible and accessible to everyone.

Through honest, authentic and personal conversation, a wider audience of the next generation of leaders will have greater exposure to male and female role models. Importantly, this sharing of learnings and experience will give aspiring leaders a better and clearer understanding of what motivates those most respected, hear what it was that made a difference to their careers and the key lessons they have learned both professionally and personally.

Hosted by founder and CEO of An Inspirational Journey, Heather Jackson, over the coming months we will roll out 50 interviews, releasing one each week, with some of the most significant leaders of globally recognised organisations.


Heather Jackson, Founder and Chief Executive,
An Inspirational Journey

“Real Leaders, Real Conversations”, a series with a difference. A series which brings together true and authentic leaders, having open and honest conversation.

None of these leaders claim to be perfect but by sharing their experiences, and combining their qualities, we believe we can better prepare and inform our leaders of the future.

Look forward to you joining me.

An Inspirational Journey

“Real Leaders, Real Conversations” is delivered by An Inspirational Journey - Supporting organisations to deliver better balanced business throughout the talent pipeline.

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